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Welcome to Berkshire Schools Guide

From the moment we are born we are learning – long before any formal education begins. So when the time comes to choose a school or nursery for your child you want to ensure it's the right one.

Getting the decision right can be a hard task so you should plan ahead and collate as much information as possible on each school – this website can help.

When those all important exams are looming – whether it’s the school entrance exam, GCSE's or A-Levels, consider a private tutor to give after school lessons.

If you’re looking for a college, university, or a vocational course, there are lots to view on this site.

Did you not get the most out of your formal education? Do you have any difficulty reading or writing? If so, it’s never too late to learn and there are plenty of courses on offer.

This website can help if you’re going on holiday and want to take a quick language course or you want a promotion and you’re looking for a short course.

Whatever your goals are in life, learning new skills and knowledge will aid you. The Berkshire School Guide is the best place to start that journey.

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